What I Keep in My Minivan as a Mom of 4

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As a busy mom of four, some days I feel like I live in my minivan. Between extracurriculars, playdates and social events I’m basically a glorified taxi driver. Today I thought I would share things I keep in my minivan that just make life easier.

A fully stocked diaper bag.

I keep extra pull-ups, a large bag of wipes and old grocery sacks for gross diapers.

A change of clothes for everyone and an old towel.

I have an emergency backpack with a change of clothes for all four kids and a clean shirt for myself. As well as a ratty old bath towel. At some point in parenthood, a child will vomit in the car. It’s horrible. Keep a towel in there.

A back-of-the-seat hook to hang the bags in the back of the van. This way I can keep the bags of clothes and diapers in one spot and well organised.

A hygiene kit.

I don’t just have a kid still in diapers, I also have a middle schooler, and middle school boys stink after sparring practice. Whew. So I keep deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste in my car.

Hairbrush and hair ties.

Sometimes I just don’t get my toddler’s hair done before we leave the house and it’s easier to do it when we get where we are going (and she’s still in her car seat).

An air compressor.

I got a flat tire in the Target parking lot when it was raining. This thing was a HUGE help.

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