How to Save Money on Auto Repairs

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Car repairs can be COSTLY. From a new transmission to simple repairs that just add up over time, owning a car costs money.

Here are a few tips that might help you save when it comes to car repairs.

Get more than one estimate.

Once you’ve established what’s wrong you don’t have to go with the first mechanic who sees your car. Call around and get multiple quotes and compare prices.

Ask for the labor and the cost estimate.

Unfortunately, some estimates don’t include the cost of hourly labor and this can come with sticker shock when it’s time to pick up your car. Always ask if the price quoted to you includes labor.

Don’t wait around.

Your car isn’t going to magically fix itself and sometimes the problem can get worse or lead to MORE problems.

Ask for a cash discount.

Recently I took my car to get fixed (I needed a new transmission) and saw a sign that said “10% off on cash payments.” That might not seem like a lot, but if you’re getting a larger repair that can be several hundred dollars.

What can you DIY?

Last month I had trouble with my minivan. I took it to O’Rielly (not an ad but my local store is AMAZING). The lady ran the code on my car told me exactly what I needed, printed out instructions and told me what to look up on YouTube. My husband was able to make the repair for less than $150 and that would have cost way more if I took it into the shop.

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